Supplying Health and Social Care Professionals with Personal Protective Equipment in Prague 3

The online survey conducted from 8 to 16 April 2020 aimed at getting more accurate data on the state of supplies in the health and social care services in Prague 3. Based on the contacts available on the Prague 3 Municipal District's web portal, in the [Czech] National Register of Health Service Providers, public databases and websites, 300 facilities operating in Prague 3 Municipal District were invited to take part. The online questionnaire was completed by 85 of them (which is much appreciated). The response rate therefore reached 28,3%.*

For this reason, the acquired data cannot be simply applied to the situation outside Prague 3. In any case, however, they prove that at least one third of the facilities operating in this part of the capital are facing a serious shortage. The current supplies to immediate needs ratio generally does not exceed 1:4, and even falls below 1:10 in the case of eyewear, face protection and protective clothing (Figure 1). The difficulties faced particularly by healthcare and allied health professionals are tellingly documented by their own comments.

There is a lack of almost everything, except for improvised respiratory protection (cloth masks) and FFP1 respiratory protection (Figure 1). Only 16.5% of respondents stated it was not necessary to restrict or suspend the operation of their facility (Figure 2). As long as the adequate material resources are provided, 87.2% of the respondents are prepared to resume operation, in part or in full (Figure 3). Both the healthcare and allied health professions were equally represented among the respondents (Figure 4).


* There are likely to be more reasons behind the lower return rate:
  1. short time for completion (motivated by the desire to provide assistance to those in need as soon as possible),
  2. as apparent from a certain amount of frustration expressed in additional comments made by several respondents, they received more questionnaires at the same time, which, given the situation, could have been burdensome from their point of view, and, in addition, due to the persistent problems with the lack of protective equipment also pointless,
  3. generally lower online survey response rates.