7 May 2020

The Czech Medical Chamber announces on their website they support the Front Line Protected initiative.

6 May 2020

The Czech Nurses Association has pronounced their support for the initiative.

5 May 2020

The Prague 3 District Assembly of the Czech Medical Chamber expresses their support to the Front Line Protected initiative.

According to Barbora Hanychová, the chairperson, "The epidemiological situation in Prague suggests that another wave of COVID-19 could come, and we should be prepared". The lack of protective equipment in the front line, she believes, is also vindicated by the fact that 11% of those infected are healthcare professionals.


1 May 2020

The Front Line Protected initiative has launched its public campaign. The Czech Red Cross, as the main partner, will be responsible for both collecting donations and procuring and distribution of the aid, under its "Coronavirus in the Czech Republic" programme. For more, see the press release. For the English version, see the Press Releases section.