Protective Equipment TO the Front Line!

By helping health and social care professionals to protect themselves against COVID-19, we protect ourselves. They are our shared immunity.

What this is about?

A recent survey conducted in Prague 3, a municipal district in the Czech Republic's capital with a population of 80 thousand, exposed the precarious position, in which particularly health-care workers find themselves facing the COVID-19 global pandemics. Most of them are not adequetly supplied with personal protective equipment, which forces them to reduce their services or even suspend their practice.

At first sight, this may not seem as serious as in the case of hospitals, where the COVID-19 patients are concentrated. Yet, in fact, downplaying the needs of primary care providers increases the pressure on hospitals and may weaken the whole health care system critically. Consequently, this could unnecessarily prolong the COVID-19 pandemic and even jeopardise the universal effort to bring it under control. Not only this would lead to needless suffering and additional financial losses, but also leave those in "the less visible part" of the front line feeling abandoned and embittered.

What can be done?

So far, thousands of volunteers and people of good will have been doing their best to help: sewing face masks, mixing disinfectants, making face shields or designing new equipment and materials. The scale of this mostly spontaneous social movement is humbling.

It may look presumptuous to suggest it is still not enough. The situation on the ground, however, calls for it. General practitioners, medical specialists, dentists, affiliated health professionals and, in some cases, also social care service providers lack proper protective equipment and other means of ensuring a suitable work environment.

With the emergency measures gradually loosened, it will become more, not less important to protect all those who are or, with a high probability, may be in direct personal contact with COVID-19 carriers. They need and will need thousands of respiratory masks (especially FFP2 and FFP3 class), protective eyewear (goggles, shields), disposable clothing (gloves, gowns, headwear) and means of disinfection (hand sanitisers, surface and instrument disinfectants). They cannot procure everything by themeselves due to current prices and scarcity of many products.

The Front Line Protected intiative therefore aims at raising awareness of the issue and attracting wide public support for targeted funding and distribution of personal protective equipment to health and social care professionals at local level. For this purpose, the iniative cooperates with the Czech Red Cross. In the first phase, the aid will be directed to Prague 3, where the situation on the ground has been already mapped, and to the areas with the highest proportion of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

How to contribute?

If you share concern about the safety of general practitioners, medical specialists, dentists, affiliated health professionals and social care service providers and if you agree their safety is vital for the stability of the health and social care system and for our own protection, please consider supporting the cause through the partner of the initiative, the Czech Red Cross, namely the “Coronavirus in the Czech Republic” Account No. 333999/2700, Variable Symbol 2003, Specific Symbol 772423 (in addition, you may also write "frontline" in the “message for the recipient” field, to identify the payment). You can also use the QR code below.